Saturday, December 26, 2015

Jody is coming for 3rd Monday in January on the 18th.

Clem’s & Clementine’s
January 18, 2016
Jody Schwartz Photography
Be sure to bring your camera and/or iPhone for this hands on workshop!

Several of us reminisced & felt grateful that our suspicions about a loving Father were true, after all! And I can still see Donna's blond curls bouncing on her teen cheeks!

Clem’s & Clementine’s
November 16
Tricia Tighe’s Writings
Letters to teen self.

Karen, please come back - we want to learn more about our heritage here!

Clem’s & Clementine’s
October 19 in the Mayfield Room was most enjoyable!

Mrs. Robert T. Hoover(Karen)

Commentary (click here)

Gaylord Judd Clarke  
 Communion 10:30, Speaker 11, Lunch 11:45

Prince McKenzie was wonderful! Please come again!

Watch a mini video.